Auditions for FOB Gala Video

OPEN CALL: FOB Gala “Hamilton” Theme ​

Do you have a Blaine student who loves being in front of the camera? Auditions for lead roles (acting and lip-syncing, not singing) in the annual Friends of Blaine (FOB) video will take place on Wednesday and Thursday of next week and this year’s theme is “Hamilton – the Musical”. This would be a great opportunity for your student to show his/her acting chops! If your student is interested in auditioning, all they need to do is show up and show us what they’ve got. Students can sing a song, perform a dance, recite a poem or even tell a joke – and if they don’t know what to do, we will even give them a line or two! No need to make arrangements for after or before school filming… auditions and filming will take place at school during recess. Be sure to join us on Saturday, March 3rd for the Community Gala when the video debuts!

Tiphani Olsen, Blaine Elementary School