Blaine budget update

Dear Blaine Families –

As many of you know, Chicago Public Schools faces significant financial challenges. On Monday, we were informed that Blaine’s current budget was reduced by $6,990.63. This change in overall budget, while significant, is one of the smallest reductions in CPS. It will not have an impact on our current staffing or programing. This reduction is also significantly less than we experienced last year largely because of sound fiscal management and planning for additional cuts. Student based budgeting funds received from CPS basically cover only our staffing needs. Blaine continues to be fortunate to have the ability to garner local resources from student fees, building usage fees, our after school program, and Friends of Blaine fundraising to meet all of our school’s needs aside from staffing.

We are thankful for those families who have paid their student fee commitments and encourage any families who have not paid student fees to please do so. We are also thankful for families and businesses who support the various Friends of Blaine events. We hope that you will continue with your support and join us at the Friends of Blaine Community Gala on March 3rd.



Gina Abbatemarco

LSC Chair