We did it again! Blaine tops the charts in Chicago’s neighborhood schools.

Blaine has a higher percentage of its students scoring above average on the NWEA MAP assessment than any other neighborhood school in Chicago without a selective enrollment program.  Three years ago we were the fourth highest performing school in both mathematics and reading according to the ISAT.  This year we are #1 and #2 in mathematics and reading respectively on the NWEA MAP assessment.  No other school is in the top five in both reading and mathematics.  With a combined 86.4% of students meeting standards, Blaine is the overall top performing neighborhood school. Your students’ achievement even bested several nearby selective enrollment schools.

We continue to believe that every child at Blaine can meet and exceed high standards when given access to an appropriately challenging curriculum, strong instruction from our skilled and knowledgeable faculty, and the support they receive at home from you, their parents.  Please congratulate and thank your children’s teachers for the outstanding work they have done and for their commitment to ensuring your children reach even greater heights in the coming school year.