Blaine Does the… is back, and this year, Blaine is doing the ’80’s!
These musical performances are an annual event at Blaine, showcasing our music department while introducing students to songs and genres that they may not have otherwise heard. Blaine Does… is one of our most celebrated school-wide events and includes students from 1st through 8th grades. Music Director/Instructor, Mr. McGeehan has picked some favorite ’80s songs to introduce to the students, which they practice and perform. Many classes have already chosen songs and have even begun practicing. Performances are scheduled by classroom and will take place after school on June 13th and June 14th (depending on class).

Ticket orders and money to be collected by HOMEROOM TEACHERS on May 31st and June 1st.  Ticket form is available .


5:30 PM
1st Grade, 110, Memory

3rd Grade, 205, Walk Like An Egyptian

5th Grade, 202, Don’t Stop Believin’

7th Grade, 312, Take On Me

6:30 PM

1st Grade, 111, I Love a Rainy Night

2nd Grade, 105, Eat It

5th Grade, 210, Sweet Child O’ Mine

6th Grade, 211, Purple Rain/Let’s Go Crazy

7:30 PM

2nd Grade, 104, On the Road Again

2nd Grade, 106, Go Cubs Go

5th Grade, 206, I Ran

7th Grade, 305, Michael Jackson Medley


5:30 PM

1st Grade, 112, True Colors

4th Grade, 301/302/304, Thriller

7th Grade, 207, I Love Rock and Roll

6:30 PM

1st Grade, 107, Under the Sea

3rd Grade, 101, I Wanna Rock

6th Grade, 310, Beat It

8th Grade, 310/311, TBD

7:30 PM

2nd Grade, 102, Electric Ave

3rd Grade, 201, Ghostbusters

6th Grade, 306, Livin’ On A Prayer