Attention all current 7th Grade/Rising 8th Grade Families who are applying to CPS high schools for the 2018-19 school year: CPS will be offering a series of workshops to support the new GoCPS high school application process. This week Ms. Sachse will be helping 7th graders complete the online tutorial to accomplish two goals…

1. Get all current 7th grade/rising 8th grade students and families to subscribe to GoCPS. We need to collect updated contact information from all students and families so we can send important updates and announcements to them at each step of the process. This will be of particular importance over the summer when we send notices for families to activate their GoCPS accounts in August.

2. Provide a very high level overview of the new high school application process. This workshop is an introduction to help students and families understand high level details about the process. CPS will provide more workshops for you at the beginning of next school year that will go into all the specifics.