Parents and students – we need your help to keep our community safe.

Every day, Blaine Elementary welcomes over 900 students to school.  90% of those students arrive at the same time – for the 8:00 bell!  Because of this, foot traffic and auto traffic is quite high in the mornings.  We need to ensure that rules are followed to keep everyone safe on arrival.  We do this with the help of CPS crossing guards, parent and student volunteers, teachers and staff,  and with efforts of each and every community member. 

It is always so scary when we see or cars speeding, families darting between vehicles, or cars turning illegally.  We don’t want anyone to get hurt and although we know our community shares this desire, sometimes we all need reminders.  Here are just a few:

Respect our crossing guards.  They are here to help, not hinder.

Cross the street only at crosswalks.  And only cross when vehicles have come to a stop.

Do not park in crosswalks. Students need the area to safely cross the street.

Walk your bikes, scooters, etc. across the street when on Blaine grounds. 

Respect the drop-off rules and only drop students at designated area

Don’t run up (or down) the stairs.

These are just a few reminders.  There are many other ways to help ensure the safety of our school community.  Check the upcoming Blaine Blast for more ideas and for an opportunity to meet some of the members of our Blaine Safeties Patrol program. 

Parents, we could really use your help.  For details on volunteering in the morning please contact Tiphani Olsen at .

Thank you so much.  With your assistance and patience we can all have a happy – and safe – school year!