Thank you to all of the parents who applied to serve on the Blaine LSC.. Details are being distributed to students today and will be posted on our website. We still need judges. If you are interested in being a judge, please email in the main office. Judges receive payment for their service on election day.
The LSC election is on Wednesday, April 18th – same day as Report Card Pick-Up Day.

Candidate Names:

Anderson, Phoebe H, COMMUNITY
Campbell, Deirdre L, PARENT
Dayton, Matthew E, PARENT
Gladden, William R, PARENT
Kelsey, Jenna L, TEACHER
Locatelli, Alice , COMMUNITY
Marrion, Michael C, PARENT
Masters-Woods, Amy J, PARENT
Newmark, Andrew , COMMUNITY
Pillman, Andrew J, PARENT
Pritz-Shields, Sarah E, PARENT
Sanchez, Carina E, PARENT
Wilsey, Jonathan C, TEACHER