Order Your School Supplies Through Yubbler

Help Blaine earn money when you order your school supplies through Yubbler! Blaine receives 50% of profits from every order placed through Yubbler! Finish your school supply shopping and raise money for Blaine with just a few clicks!

Please use this link to view lists and order:
Blaine Elementary School Supplies
You can also go to http://www.yubbler.com and search for Blaine Elementary School in Chicago, IL.

Please order by
Monday, August 20th
to ensure that teachers will have Classroom Supplies by the 1st day of school.

Items under the Supplies Sent Home section will be sent directly to your delivery address (delivery is free!). Parents can then bring those items to school during the Back to School Picnic at the end of August or on the 1st day of school. A portion of each order goes toward purchasing the items under the Classroom Supplies section.

Once you add a full list for the grade to your cart, you can customize your order and remove items you already have or don’t want to purchase. Or just purchase the Classroom Supplies and contribute toward the shared classroom items.

For Middle School parents (grades 6 – 8), students will not know their assigned subject teachers until mid to late August (*all 6th grade students will have Parker for Science; all 8th grade students will have Padron for Science). Subsequently, the Yubbler supply lists for 6th, 7th, and 8th grades have a smaller number of items.