After School Athletics


The team sports, after school activities and Physical Education classes at Blaine are designed to enrich each student’s physical and mental experience.   For more information on these activities, please email Mr. Sikes or leave a message in Mr. Sikes’ mailbox, in the main office.

When students join a sports team, they will be required to turn in a completed, signed, Parental Consent Form to Mr. Sikes.

After school athletics are available for middle school students grades 5-8.

All students will meet in the gym at dismissal time. If a student has not filled out a permission slip, they will not be able to participate until one is turned in. Please ensure that the student athletes bring appropriate clothing and footwear for try-outs/practices to ensure their safety. Student fees or the waiver process must be started to be eligible for the fall sports season.

All athletes must register for the team through TeamSide Sports prior to the start of the season.

For an up to date schedule throughout the seasons, visit  the Team Side Sports – We Got Game schedules page.

Fall Sports

  • Girls Volleyball
  • Boys  Soccer
  • Coed Flag Football

Winter Sports

2019 Game Schedule

  • Boys Basketball
  • Girls Basketball

Spring Sports

  • Boys Volleyball
  • Girls Soccer

General Athletics Information

In order to ensure the safety of our students, please note that the Blaine Field is reserved Monday–Thursday from 3:30-4:30pm for students participating in school-sponsored activities. During this hour, families and children are welcome to use the area near the picnic tables on Southport, as well as school playgrounds.  Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

We encouraged all of the boys and girls who tried out for the team to find ways to play this winter, spring, summer and/or fall. By trying out for the team, your sons/daughter showed an interest in the sport; the best way they can improve their basketball skills and you can nurture their love of the game is to find times and places to practice and play.


Physical Education Classes – During School

Our Physical Education classes emphasize wellness, fitness, and team-building skills.

Pre-K-3rd Grade

Students in pre-K-3rd Grade will refine skills in these areas:

    • Body awareness (body parts and shapes)
    • Spatial awareness (moving through space by self and with others; moving in different directions)
    • Effort (moving with variations in force, speed and smoothness/control)
    • Relationships (with self and objects; to partners; to groups)
    • Jumping and landing (with jump ropes; from different heights, for distances)
    • Rolling, balance, and weight transfer
    • Chasing, fleeing, dodging (skills used in tag and other group games)
    • Dribbling with the hands
    • Kicking and punting
    • Throwing and catching
    • Volleying
    • Striking with short- and long-handled implements
    • Fitness (heart health)

These activities are implemented through games, dance and rhythms, and educational gymnastics.

4th-8th Grade

For students in 4th-8th Grade, we will combine the basic skills and concepts on this page with more advanced, dynamic activities. Once again, these will be centered on games, dance and rhythms, and educational gymnastics. Our focus will be on students’ success and learning, rather than winning and competition.

Unity through Teamwork – Safety through Respect – Achievement through effort