Early Dismissal, Main Office Protocol, Building Access


A high volume of early dismissals causes frequent interruptions of classroom learning activities. In order to minimize such interruptions, the following procedures are in place:

  • Parents must notify homeroom teachers in writing via email or by note sent with the child on the day when early dismissal is required (emails must be sent by 7:30am on the date of dismissal). The notification must include the date and time of dismissal. If these notification deadlines are not met, students will only be released for early dismissal during classroom transition times, which usually occur at the top of each hour.
  • Students will not be dismissed between 2:00pm and 3:00pm without advance written notification.

Getting messages to teachers regarding alternative adults picking students up is another cause of interruptions to classroom learning activities. The following procedures seek to minimize such interruptions:

  • Parents who want their children to be released to an alternate adult should notify the teacher in advance and in writing (via note or email).
  • If a parent notifies the main office, but does not notify the teacher in advance, the child will be taken to the main office at dismissal and released to the alternate adult by the main office staff. If the notification is by phone, them alternate adult must be listed on the child’s emergency forms.


The main office is a place of business. As such, personnel in the main office have significant responsibilities that require order, confidentiality and time on task.
Visitors are asked to keep conversations with office staff short and focused on school business. Please also be respectful of staff time by refraining from requesting that office staff coordinate private activities such as after school play dates.


  • At Blaine we want to continue to have a strong parent and community presence at our school. At the same time, we have a need to ensure student safety by closely monitoring adult access and movement within our building. In order to address these needs the following procedures are in place:
  • All Adults Must Use the Main Entrance: All adults must enter the building through the main entrance (Door #1) on Grace Street, and check in at the security desk. Only students will be granted access to the building through entrances other than the main entrance. Staff and visitors inside the building are not authorized to
  • admit individuals attempting to gain access to the building through entrances other than the main entrance.
  • Visiting your child’s teacher: Parents and teachers are a team, and to support that effort, we encourage parents to speak with teachers by phone, email and in person! However, spontaneous meetings are not feasible because teachers need to prepare for and conduct classes. As a result, parents and visitors should not “stop by” classrooms. Parents must schedule visits with teachers and check in at the main office upon arrival. The office staff will then notify the teacher.
  • Volunteers and Meetings: Parents and visitors who are attending a pre-planned meeting (i.e. PTA, IEP meeting) or who are volunteering on a regular basis (i.e. supporting the cafeteria) should enter through the main entrance on Grace Street and sign in at the security desk.
  • Badges: All parents and visitors will be issued a badge to wear during their visit. Please wear the badge through the duration of your visit.
  • Leaving the Building: Please return your badge to the security desk, sign out and exit through the main entrance.

Unity through Teamwork – Safety through Respect – Achievement through effort