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2019-2020 Kindergarten Fund 
Are you a parent of an incoming kindergartner? The K-Fund needs YOUR help!
The K-Fund is a fundraising arm of Blaine that is run by parents with children entering kindergarten. The 501(c)3 was established to support the funding of additional kindergarten staff. With a student-teacher ratio of 28:1 – having the assistants is critical to the growth of our kids. The kindergarten assistants spend their time between the four kindergarten classes and work in smaller groups with the kids.
The K-Fund is currently collecting funds to support kindergarten teachers’ assistants. Our goal is to raise $120,000 by August 28, 2019 to hire back the two certified teachers’ assistants, Mr. Marquardt and Ms. Johnson. Parents are asked to donate $1,400 per kindergarten student for the year if paid by August 1, 2019, or $1,500 after August 1. We understand that not all families may be in a position to donate the full amount; a contribution at ANY level is always greatly appreciated. The K-Fund is a 501(c)3, so all donations are tax deductible. Those families that donate $1400 per student or more will not be required to pay the yearly $250 student fees.

You can also support the K-Fund by volunteering. Visit the K-Fund website ( to sign up for fundraising events. You can also email to be added to the volunteer committee or suggest ideas.

To learn more about the K-Fund, visit

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