Math & Science Resources

Welcome to Blaine School’s Math & Science Resources page. The Mathematics section includes our school Everyday Mathematics curriculum, and offers various exercises for students looking for a little extra practice. The Science section provides a variety of useful guidelines to review when preparing for the annual science fair project. The PTA has compiled these links as a helpful resource — for students and parents, alike.

Mathematics Resources

Parents are encouraged to review these problem-solving activities with their children.

1. Everyday Mathematics Do-Anytime Activities

Grade 1 (pdf)
Grade 2 (pdf)
Grade 3 (pdf)
Grade 4 (pdf)
Grade 5 (pdf)
Grade 6 (pdf)

“How to Help Your Child with Mathematics” (pdf)
“Suggestions for Helping Your Child Succeed” (pdf)

2. Everyday Mathematics – More Helpful Info

Guide to Algorithms:
Learn how to add, subtract, multiply and divide using different methods. Also includes the Lattice method.

Family Letters:
Click on your child’s current homework unit for help assisting your child with homework.

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives:
Don’t have the math manipulatives at home? Now you do!

Math Games:
The best way to learn is by having fun. Play math games that go along with each day’s lesson. Click on your child’s grade level (top navigation) and then find the lesson number (listed on the top corner of your child’s homework).

3. Effective iPad Applications

Principal LaRaviere has researched, evaluated and organized a comprehensive list of effective iPad applications for students in primary grades, to assist with math skills development. To review these helpful iPad apps and activities, please click here.

Science Fair Resources

The following web sites, provided by the Notebaert Nature Museum, offer helpful tips for working through the annual science fair project.

Chicago Public Schools’ Science Fair Info:

This site provides all the information you’ll need to prepare for the annual CPS science fair.  It also includes sections for students, teachers and judges.

“The Ultimate” in Science Fair Info:
A very comprehensive site that includes project ideas, and access to scientists and other professionals.

Preparing a Science Fair Project:

Gerard Robillard, from Our Lady of Peace School, guides students through the process of (1) choosing a science fair topic;  and (2) understanding the requirements of science fair projects. Good links!

Additional Science Fair Resources:
Presentation basics (pdf)
Sample presentation board (3 panels) (pdf)
Sample questions from judges (pdf)
Judge’s score sheet (pdf)

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