Join a Parent Group

Part of what makes Blaine such a strong community is the consistent level of participation of parents and volunteers.  There are many ways to get involved at Blaine, such as joining a parent group or a board.

Below are descriptions of the various parent groups and boards, along with a helpful chart to explain Friends of Blaine (FOB), Parent Teacher Association (PTA), Local School Council (LSC) and the Blaine Elementary Kindergarten Fund. Click here to see chart (pdf).

Local School Council (LSC)

  • Members of this board include: six parents, two teachers, two community members, a career services member, and the school principal.
  • Terms: Two years
  • Elections:  In April
  • All meetings will be held in the school auditorium and start at 6:15 pm unless otherwise noted.

Friends of Blaine (FOB)

  • Members of this board include three to nine board members, including president, vice president(s), treasurer and secretary.
  • Terms: Two years
  • Elections: Held during first week of May
  • For more information, visit FOB at:

Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

  • Members of this board include: president(s), vice president(s), membership coordinator, treasurer, legislation coordinator(s), recording secretary and communication secretary.
  • Terms: All officers serve their terms for one year.
  • Elections: Officers are elected to the executive board annually at a PTA General Meeting announced before end of May.
  • Official duties commence on the day of election.
  • A person cannot serve more than two consecutive terms in the same office.
  • In order to be eligible for president, the nominee must have previously served in some capacity on the PTA board.
  • For more information, visit PTA at:

Bilingual Committee

  • Members of this board include: president, vice president, and secretary.
  • Elections: At the beginning of every school year.
  • Si desea hablar con un representante que hable español, por favor contacte: Bilingual Committee, Oficina Principal.

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