Faculty and Staff

Get to know our faculty and staff…

Our teachers play a big role in the lives of our students. From serving as classroom leaders to coaching afterschool activities and moderating clubs, our teachers wear many hats. Each of our teachers has a preferred means of communication with parents. You can try the email address for your child’s teacher, the best approach is to leave a note in their mailbox in the main office or via email. On the note, state your concern, and ask the best way to contact them. Don’t forget to include your child’s name, your name, phone number, and email address; and whether you are open to meet before school (7:30 am) or after school (3:00 pm).

To review the Blaine School Teacher Evaluation and Professional Development Framework, please click here.


  • Open Position, Principal
  • Mr. Andrew Russell, Assistant Principal, email

Administration Staff

  • Elaine Iko (Administrative Clerks), email
  • Ms. Floor Pineiro (Administrative Clerks), email
  • Ms. Tiphani Olsen (Communications), email

2019-2020 Teaching Staff

Pre-Kindergarten (RTL)


1st Grade

2nd Grade

3rd Grade

4th Grade

5th Grade

6th Grade

7th Grade

8th Grade

Fine Arts, Physical Education and Technology




Physical Education


Special Education, Therapists and Specialists


Diverse Learners

Special Education Assistants

  • Ms. Adams, email
  • Ms. Carmody
  • Ms. Cortez
  • Ms. Dobish
  • Ms. Goss
  • Mr. Hess
  • Ms. Jones
  • Ms. Leahy, email
  • Ms. Malecek
  • Ms. Marrero
  • Mr. McFadden
  • Ms. Oswold
  • Ms. Reyes, email
  • Ms. Volanti
  • Ms. Zeman

Bi-Lingual, ESL and Intervention

  • Room 210 Ms. Moloney, email



Social Work

Education Support Personnel


  • Ms. Cairampoma
  • Ms. Gudino
  • Ms. Saba

Parent Worker

  •  Ms. Suarez

Engineer, Security & Lunchroom

Chief Engineer

  • Mr. Huy


  • Mr. Guiterrez

Lunchroom Staff

  • Ms. Hartu, Manager
  • Ms. Norwood, Attendant

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