Library Resources

Our Blaine School Library is an evolving center where students and staff have access to a variety of resources. If you have any questions concerning our library please leave a message for our school librarian, Mrs. McCarthy, in her mailbox in the main office.


The Mission for the Blaine Elementary School Library is to help students develop an appreciation for literature, to become effective at accessing and evaluating information critically and competently, and to use information ethically.


The library curriculum includes:

  • Library behavior
  • Book care
  • Book parts
  • Library call numbers
  • Literary genres
  • Story elements
  • Research techniques


Students visit the library on a weekly basis and are encouraged to check out books that interest them, books by favorite authors or informational text for a specific project.

Overdue Books

Students with overdue books will not be able to check out additional books until overdue items are returned.  All library materials will be due back by the end of the school year.  Final report cards will be held in the office for any student with overdue books at that time.

Lost/Damaged Books

Accidents happen.  Puppies chew on books, water bottles leak on books, and younger siblings color in books.  Please report any damaged or lost books to the librarian.  Please refrain from attempts to repair damaged books at home.  The responsibility to replace lost/damaged books lies with the students/families.

Wondering if a particular book is available in our library?

If you are wondering if the Blaine School Library has a book you need, it’s easy to find out…

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the letter B.
  3. Find Blaine Elementary.
  4. Click on Search the Library Catalog.
  5. Type in the book title.

Library Media Center

Curl up with over 1,200 square feet of books! The Library Media Center is host to the Accelerated Reader Program, Links to Literacy, Young Authors, and Junior Great Books.

Plus, there is an entire Primary Room that has big books, a puppet theater, computers, and even a rocking chair for reading many great stories aloud.

Online Library Resources

If you’re looking for information to help you with math, science, history, etc. or if you’re looking for resources to get you started on a book report, please review this wide collection of CPS online library resources.

Please note: Once you click on this link, you’ll be asked to enter your school name or a 4-digit Code. Either type in Blaine, or the code: 2300.

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