Shop for Blaine — Programs that Help Support Our School

Going shopping?

…Consider using these programs, where purchases translate into donations for Blaine!

Be sure to share this information with friends, family and colleagues.

iGive: Before you do any shopping online, make iGive your first stop as the portal to retailers. Chances are, you visit at least one of the 900 stores on iGive. It doesn’t cost you anything (and it may even help you save on purchases), plus up to 26% of your purchase goes back to Blaine PTA. Costs nothing and takes seconds to sign up, so why not?

GoodSearch: Go to and every time you shop online or search the Internet, a donation will be made directly to Blaine School. works with more than 2,500 stores (including Target, Apple, Petsmart etc..) and every time you purchase something, a percentage will be donated to us! And, even more exciting, GoodShop also offers over 100,000 of the most up-to-date coupons and free shipping offers so you can save money at the same time. It’s win win. GoodSearch is a Yahoo powered search engine which makes a donation to us each time you do a search. Join the rest of our community in using these sites to help us easily raise money for our mission. Get started by clicking the “Become a Supporter” button on our profile page here!

Box Tops: You know the little pink boxes you’ve been diligently cutting out? You can earn them digitally as well. Sign up to help Blaine PTA from your online purchases here: Of course, keep clipping those paper Box Tops.

Target: If you are a Target credit card holder, please designate Blaine as the recipient for 5% of all your purchases. Save money and give 5% directly to Blaine. Existing card holders should call 1-800-659-2396 or visit Take Charge of Education to link your current card. If you want to become a new Target credit card holder, visit an area store to apply and ask them to link the card to Blaine.

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