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Welcome to the Job Postings page. If you are interested in career opportunities at Blaine, please check here frequently for updated posts. Thank you for considering Blaine.

Open Positions:

  • None at this time

Applicant Instructions

Please read the criteria below carefully and submit a cover letter and resume that directly address all or most of the criteria.  Submissions that do not address the criteria will not be considered.  You may also submit other materials to support your application such as reference letters, an accomplishment overview, your website, etc.    Submit materials to Assistant Principal Angela Brito.

Criteria for the Teaching Position

Teacher Creates Well-designed Instructional Plans

  • Teacher develops unit plans and lesson plans that demonstrate clear standards-based learning objectives that are aligned with equally clear assessment criteria and learning activities.
  • Teacher demonstrates the ability to implement school-wide curriculum mapping and pacing based on established learning standards.
  • Teacher analyzes and uses a variety of assessment data to inform instructional planning and goal setting.
  • Teacher responds to struggling students and students with special needs with interventions such as supplemental pre-requisite skills instruction, modified instruction & assessment, and individual incentive plans.

Teacher Establishes an Ideal Learning Climate

  • Teacher has knowledge of systems and practices that promote a positive learning climate, and can provide examples of how he or she has employed these systems and practices.
  • Teacher has high behavior standards and strong behavior & instructional management skills (evidenced by interview responses, references, and high student engagement and time-on-task during demo-lesson).
  • Teacher uses a variety of methods to build trust with students, develop social emotional skills and foster warm, caring and respectful teacher-student and student-student interactions.

Teacher Delivers Effective Instruction

  • Ability to produce gains in student achievement (verifiable through documentation of assessment results, copies of student portfolios, etc.).
  • Facilitates student knowledge and skill acquisition by…
    • ensuring that learning objectives, essential questions, performance expectations and purpose for learning are communicated to students.
    • hooking student interest and keeping them motivated and engaged throughout the lesson
    • providing clear directions and procedures.
    • providing clear vivid explanations, metaphors, analogies, examples, illustrations, models, manipulatives and step-by-step structured practice to break down complex concepts, skills and tasks.
    • using technology, instructional materials, instructional groupings and homework skillfully to enhance student understanding and foster concept permanence and skill mastery.
    • using a variety of effective methods to check for understanding and uncover misunderstandings in order to modify instruction, clarify student understanding and take advantage of teachable moments.
    • Able to effectively employ the Everyday Math curriculum (if applicable to grade level).

Teacher Meets Professional Responsibilities

  • Reflects on practice by accurately assessing the extent to which a lesson achieved its instructional outcomes and can cite specific references to support the judgment as well as make suggestions for improvement.
  • Ability to work collaboratively with colleagues to accomplish school, grade-level or departmental goals.
  • Strong record-keeping in relationship to student assessment results, assignment grades and/or student portfolio management.
  • Strong work ethic to achieve student centered goals (verified through work samples and/or references).
  • A strong punctuality and attendance record (98-100% present and on-time verified through documentation and/or references).

The Teacher Selection Process

The application process is as follows (progression toward the next phase of the process is contingent upon your performance in each phase):

  1. Material Review:       Blaine administration will review your application materials.
  2. Phone Interview:       You will be called by Blaine administration and asked questions related to our teacher criteria.
  3. Interview:       You will be invited in for a 30-45 minute interview in which you will be asked questions related to our teacher criteria.  You must be able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of these criteria as well as provide concrete specific examples of times that you have demonstrated your skill in each criterion.  Bring sample original unit plans, lesson plans and/or a teaching portfolio.
  4. Reference Check:       Blaine administration will contact your references and ask them questions about your abilities in relation to our teacher criteria.  We will also ask them to provide concrete specific examples of times that you have demonstrated mastery of various elements of the criteria.
  5. Demo Lesson:       You will conduct a live 20-30 minute demonstration lesson in front of a real Blaine classroom.
  6. Outcome:       Blaine administration will inform you of our decision.

Student Observers:

For student observation requests, please e-mail the following information to Assistant Principal Angela Brito:

*University name & current year

*Requested grade level and content area(if interested in middle school)

*Requested # of observation hours

If a teacher is interested in taking on a student observer, they will contact you directly.  Please do not call the school.

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